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Should all tuxedos match for a wedding party?

It is very important that all men in a wedding party wear matching tuxedos. Many brides often prefer to have the groom wear a different style or color tuxedo. We suggest that you take a more subtle approach and select a different color for the groom's accessories (vest and tie or cummerbund).

Should I rent or should I purchase a tuxedo?

Fortunately, Rogers Formalwear gives you both options. It might be more economical to buy your own tuxedo if you expect to wear a tuxedo more than two or three times in the next few years.

Does the wedding party have to come in as a group?

After the wedding has been setup between the Bride and Group (all details worked out), the rest of the wedding party can come in to be fitted at their own convenience. It is not necessary to come in as a group.

Is there a deposit for tuxedo rental?

There is a $20 down payment at the time of the fitting (which is taken off the rental).

How far in advance should I rent my tuxedo?

We recommend that you contact the store and schedule an appointment as soon as you know of an event for which you will need a tuxedo. The minimum time required is 7-10 days before the event is scheduled.

Should the wedding party wear vests or cummerbunds?

Currently formal vests are much more popular than cummerbunds, so we recommend that your party wear vests. Vests have a more "finished" look than cummerbunds and tend to look better when gentlemen remove their tuxedo jackets during the reception.

What should I wear to my fitting?

If wearing your own shoes, wear them at the time of the fitting. It makes a difference in the inseam- shoes are also available to rent. You should also wear a regular shirt, undershirt and trousers. Do not wear: bulky sweaters, thermal underwar, tank tops, sneakers, back braces, etc. unless you are wearing these things at the wedding.

What is the etiquette for wearing tailcoats?

They are worn only after sundown, unless the event begins earlier but will extend into the evening. They usually require a white shirt, a white vest and a matching bow tie. Tailcoats are the most formal of all formal attire.

What is a cutaway coat? When do I wear a cutaway coat?

Cutaway coats, also commonly referred to as "morning coats," are worn during the day and are not to be worn after sundown. These coats do not have satin lapels and are available in black and gray.

When can I wear a white dinner jacket?

The usual timeframe for wearing white dinner jackets is Memorial Day through Labor Day, and a strict traditionalist would tell you that they should be worn only during the day, not in the evening. In fact, the traditionalist might even go so far as to tell you that if the event extends into the evening, you should change out of your white dinner jacket and into a black tuxedo coat at 5:00 or 6:00 P.M.

Who should wear a tuxedo at my wedding?

A good rule of thumb is to have all the men you want in your wedding photos wear tuxedos. Obviously the groom and his attendants and ushers should be in tuxedos, but you should also consider other family members, including fathers, brothers and grandfathers.

Why should I rent shoes?

The best advice, have the men rent shoes to match their tuxedo. Most brides want their day to turn out perfect, and having a the groomsmen in wrong color shoes can be unsettling. We also sell thin dress socks (in assorted colors) at $3.50 a pair.

When can my tuxedo be picked up?

The tuxedos arrive in the store two business days prior to the event date. As they arrive, the store will call the customer and have him come in for the final fitting. Earlier fittings are possible when the arrangements have been made prior to pick-up.

How do I know if I am a Short, Regular, Long, or Extra Long?

5’4” to 5’7” = Short
5’7 ½” to 5’11” = Regular
5’11 ½” to 6’2 ½” = Long
6’3” + Up = Extra Long

Please note that this table is only a guide. For example, quite often a gentleman will be 6’ tall, and feel more comfortable with a Regular. Always wear what you are most comfortable in.

What style of lapel is most popular?

There are three major lapel styles; notch, shawl, and peak . The notch lapel is by far the most popular. Many designers only offer their styles with a notch lapel. However, any of these styles are perfectly acceptable to any formal affair.

What is the difference between "adjustable" and "non-adjustable" trousers?

Since a belt is not worn with a tuxedo, you will find that most tuxedos trousers are manufactured with an adjustable waist. The adjustable waist trouser allows you to loosen or tighten the waist 1-3 inches. The benefit of the adjustable waist is not having to go to a tailor to take in or let out the waist.

What does "Black Tie" mean when indicated on an invitation?

"Black Tie" on an invitation is an indication that it will be a formal event (tuxedo required). Today, however, black tie does not mean that you have to specifically wear a black tie. Many colors and styles are acceptable.